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Café serving porridge, vegan food and healthy breakfast in Dresden Altstadt

Unsere Salaten und Bowls

Haferkater is the best choice for a vegan breakfast restaurant in Dresden’s Oldtown

While traditional breakfast options in Germany consist of a handful of bakeries serving morning classics such as sandwiches, Haferkater offers a wholesome and healthy breakfast in Dresden. Oatmeal porridge, breakfast bowls and vegan salads as well as specialty coffee are available as a takeaway throughout the day: try one of the vegan breakfast or lunch dishes. Haferkater Café Dresden is located in the main train station (Hauptbahnhof Dresden). Pedestrian zones of Prager Straße and Wiener Platz in the old town of Dresden are just around the corner.

Unsere Porridge

Coffeebar Haferkater is the pioneer of organic porridge in Dresden

Porridge bar Haferkater started from the idea of a widely available healthy breakfast in Germany. Oatmeal porridge is known to provide both, a healthy source of energy as well multiple nutritious benefits. Therefore, this traditionally Scottish breakfast was redesigned to suit the needs of a health-conscious locals and tourists alike. Furthermore, porridge is a great choice for a warming, easy-to-digest breakfast which is compatible with a fitness lifestyle and a variety of diets. Have you tried rolled oat porridge with one of the extraordinary toppings? Choose freely from seasonal, vegan, sweet and savory options.

Unsere Kaffee

Haferkater is an established barista coffeehouse with branches in Dresden, Berlin, Cologne and Bonn

Café Haferkater is known to have great standards in both choosing and preparing the coffee. Haferkater is a perfect coffee shop for your breakfast in Dresden Old Town and afternoon hangouts in the Altstadt. Popular coffee specialties and takeaway options of cappuccino, espresso, flat white are available throughout the day. Other popular drinks such as a variety of hot teas and matcha latte are also on offer. The coffee beans come from Columbia, Brazil and Ethiopia, where they are picked by hand. Our baristas serve your coffee with aromas of fruit and chocolate – and decorate with a heart!


Central Station

Wiener Platz 4,
01069 Dresden,

Mon – Fri: 6 AM – 8 PM
Sat – Sun: 7 AM – 8 PM







„Hier gibt es einfach die besten Porridge-Bowls, die man sich nach Lust und Laune mit frischem Obst, Nüssen, Gewürzen und Fruchtmus toppen lassen kann.“

Slowly Veggie! Logo
Slowly Veggie!

„Die Toppings verleihen Porridge einen mal fruchtigen, mal süßen und mal herzhaft knusprigen Geschmack. Eins bleibt aber gleich: Es ist lecker.“
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Berlin Ick Liebe Dir Logo
Berlin Ick Liebe Dir

„Ab 8 Uhr gibt’s hier köstlichen Porridge in vielen Varianten oder zum Selbstzusammenstellen, kräftigen Kaffee und eine gemütliche Atmosphäre, um zu schmökern oder als Morgenmuffel auch einfach nur wortlos in die Luft zu starren.“
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Mit Vergnügen

„Miauuu!“, da isst selbst der Kater Hafer!
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Fundstücke Logo

„Ein Bärenkater oder ein Granola Kater lassen dich gestärkt in den Tag starten. Dazu gibt es besonders guten Kaffee und die Welt ist in Ordnung.“
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Louise Et Helene


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